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Cabo Village offers the service of property management, our services are for a low quote by a quilified team.

Our team has the experience and knowledge in property to protect your investment while you’re out of town, you must be certain that your investment will be in good hands at all times with a magnifying glass overseen by our specialists.

If you live or not in Los Cabos, put your property on our hands and we will be 100% of all cases involved the same such as:

1.- Determine optimum amount according to market conditions.
2.- 24-Hour Emergency Response Time.
3.- Comprehensive Monthly Financial Reports.
4.- Complete Administration of Common Area Accounting (Budgeting, Collections, Reconciliations.
5.- Specific Weekly, Monthly, Annual Property Inspections
6.- Detailed Monthly Property Condition Reports
7.- Long Range Financial and Maintenance Planning

8.- Collection of Rents / Payment of Bills
9.- Pursuit of Delinquencies
10.-Regular Price and Service Comparison of Vendor Services
11.-Focus on Tenant Retention
12.-Tenant Improvement Coordination and Supervision
13.-No matter the value of your property to us is very important to your investment and keep it on the market will be our priority.

A) How determinate a price for rental?
We attend to your property whether you decide to rent it for a short or long term, we analyzed according to market value and we suggest the estimated price.

B) How are the cost of bills?
Once you have hired us, if you live in Mexico or abroad, shall be deposited rent and deposit to an account you may be monitored and we will send a monthly report thereof.

C) How to investigate a tenant?
We do it based on your specifications and restrictions, example no children, no smoking, no pets, etc…

D) How much for commission?
Property Management Fees:
Our property management fees are based on a percentage of the gross income generated by the property. The percentage is determined by many factors and can vary from property to property.

Some of the considerations in determining the percentage are:

• Size of the property   • Number of tenants   • Location  • Age of the improvements
• Common area administration  • Property type

We understand that sometimes certain properties and circumstances dictate other arrangements, such as flat fees, minimum / maximum and so on. We are flexible and will work with you to meet your needs.

If you decide to rent it for LONG TERMS (12 months) we charge the deposit or it’s equivalent for 6 months. & if you decide property management, from 5 to 10% per month quote, which is not final, we are always open to negotiate rates.

If It is for vacation, and if you give us the calendar to 100% charge for rent will be only 20% and if you decide to leave open calendar, the rent will be from 20 to 30%.

Remember we are OPEN to negotiate all the time, and we are very interested to close the deal with you.

We want to hear from you any questions or concerns, we are here to assist you to the following:

Phone +52 (624) 1433873  /  Mobile +52 (624) 3551232
USA (619)955 6598